Life Cycle Assessment of Environment-Compatible Flame Retardants: Prototypical Case Study
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Case Studies
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Case Studies

ENFIRO follows a tiered approach:

  • Tier 1
  • Prioritization and selection of alternative FRs taking into account the viability of production, application, flammability, hazard, and exposure of the FRs. This will generate a list of viable alternatives and identify knowledge gaps. To fill some of the data gaps screening studies of the selected FRs are performed. The screening studies focus on relative rapid hazard characterization, exposure assessment modeling and fire performance tests.

  • Tier 2
  • Based on the prioritization, selection and screening results a further selection of viable FRs is made to narrow down the list and to carry out in-depth studies (case studies). These studies cover chronic toxicity tests, neurotoxicity, battery of in vitro tests, persistency, and monitoring of the alternative FRs in the field. In parallel, elaborated fire performance (realistic fire smoldering and flaming incidents) tests and technical assessments of the FRs in various applications are compared with traditional BFR systems. Tier 2 is followed with risk assessments to investigate the possible risk of alternative FRs for humans and the environment and compare these with the risk of existing BFRs. The outcome of that assessment, together with socio-economic information, will be used in impact assessment studies. Finally, a list of viable FR/product combinations will be provided. .