Life Cycle Assessment of Environment-Compatible Flame Retardants: Prototypical Case Study
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ENFIRO Stakeholder Forum
The ENFIRO Stakeholder Forum (ESF) within ENFIRO functions as a reference group for the identification, elaboration and evaluation of the drivers and barriers connected to the flame retardant substitution project. The Forum consists of representatives that exchange valuable input with the project objectives. They are requested to give feedback to the different options and questions that will be raised during the analysis of the environmental, economic and social impacts of the alternative flame retardants.

Composition and tasks of ESF The ESF is formed by invitation from the ENFIRO project members, and consists of 7 flame retardant producers, 6 downstream users, and 3 NGOs, trade unions or their branch organizations, recycling companies. ESF members are expected to give a commitment to potential input on relevant issues in the project during the project period or to actively participate in dissemination activities. The forum consists of a balance of relevant stakeholder (groups) not only from the value chain like producers of alternatives of flame retardants, formulators and users of these substances, and waste(processing) plants but also from other institutes like NGOs and policy-related ones. The ESF meets at least 4 times during the project, which may be more frequent in case of dynamic developments.